7 Young Stars Make Her beauty Drama Turkey Melt

7 Young Stars Make Her beauty Drama Turkey Melt

Turkey is an exotic country located between the continents of Asia and Europe. No wonder that the culture and physical characteristics of the people are a combination of the two continents. The following 7 rows of Turkish drama artists who have beauty like an angel.

  1. Leyla Tanlar

Leyla Tanlar is also one of the names that is no longer new to the ears of fans of the country’s Turkish drama. Together with the cast of ‘Cansu & Hazal’, he also visited Indonesia in 2016. After the end of the series that raised his name, Leyla was involved in two other drama titles such as ‘Fatih’ and ‘Falcon Crest’.

2.  Afra Saraçoğlu

This cool-faced actress just got a big role in a famous Turkish film called ‘Iyi Oyun’. Afra indeed plays movies more often than television series. In his latest film he collided with acting actor kece Mert Yazicioglu. Both of them were hit by the love of location and have now gone public about their love affair.

3. Ayça Ayşin Turan

26 years old, Ayca is also no less youthful. He has been involved in Turkish television series since he was a teenager in 2007. Finally, he plays Leyla in the Netflix release Turkish series entitled ‘The Protector’. At a glance, Ayca’s face is similar to the Asian version of Miranda Kerr or not?

4. Miray Daner

Miray is a Turkish actress who has wara-wiri in the entertainment industry since the age of 9 years. The girl who was born in 1999 has starred in several TV series in her country, including ‘Merhaba Hayat’, ‘Medcezir’, ‘Wounded Love’, and finally ‘Bir Lit Gozyazi’ which is airing there. He lined up to be one of the main characters in the last two series and many new fans. http://pokerdexidn.com/

5. Alina Boz

His face might be familiar to those of you who have loved the Turkish soap opera titled ‘Paramparca’ or who in Indonesia changed the title to ‘Cansu & Hazal’. After completing her debut series, the Russian actress is increasingly in demand to become a model for well-known clothing brands and even one of the ambassadors for merchandise Besiktas football club. He is starring in the best-selling Turkish TV series currently titled ‘Elimi Birakma’.

6. Aybuke Pusat

Aybuke Pusat may still be unfamiliar to our ears, she is a Turkish actress born in 1995 who is being loved by the public. Before becoming an actress Aybuke was first known in her country as Miss Earth Turkey 2014. In 2018 she starred in two quite anticipated TV series ‘Söz’ and her work is still titled ‘Falcon Crest’.

7.  Yağmur Ün

Similar to Aybuke Pusat, Yagmur was also involved in the best-selling series ‘Söz’ which aired in Turkey from 2017 to 2018. Besides playing in several television series, Yagmur is also known as a movie star. He has been in the entertainment world since he was 4 years old.

He was already 23 years old, but he always looked chic and simple made him look like a teenager. Ageless, here.

that’s the 7 Turkish drama artists who have almost perfect beauty.


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